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The Blueprint – August 2021 Edition – 7 Mile Advisors

By Carolina D'Alencon | August 31, 2021

The Blueprint – August 2021

Actionable Intelligence for Leaders in the Architecture, Engineering, Environmental, Geospatial, and Construction Services Industries

Given the competitive nature of the Manufacturing industry, automation as an integrated capability has transitioned from a futuristic tool to an urgent necessity for enterprises. And yet, many companies have been reluctant to enact these changes due to implementation costs and technological challenges. Easy-to-integrate robots and automation software platforms, which can effortlessly adapt to the production environment and be flexible based on the manufacturer’s needs, are providing a solution to these challenges. New robots can now be trained by the employees in just a few hours and automate tasks that were too complex or expensive when using older technology or manpower. A relevant  example is the robot MIRAI, which can independently copy and integrate variances in real-time. The key advantage of this technology is its enablement of robots to learn through demonstration, promptly. This technology allows small businesses to stay competitive and increase margins from efficiency-driven cost saving, and is affordable to most as the relative technology investment required is decreasing, contributing to an average ROI of less than 12 months.

Optimizing manufacturing processes through automation is increasingly important as global challenges for production and supply-chain operations have emerged amid the pandemic. Consequently, digital transformation has become an urgent priority for nearly every manufacturer. According to IBM, two-thirds of manufacturers have accelerated their integration of digital technologies, particularly in technologies that facilitate remote learning. Additionally, as a response to the supply-chain crisis that affected businesses in almost every industry, many manufacturers opted to reshore their supply sources.

According to Paulo De Matos, the Chief Product Officer of SYSPRO, companies need to engage in dual sourcing to increase their resilience in front of supply-chain challenges. Since this process can be complex, digital technologies are essential to assuring the success of the operations. Additionally, both manufacturers and distributors need to be more in touch with their customers in real-time and become more adaptable. Meaningful data has proven to be a necessary tool for manufacturers to stay connected and therefore, competitive. As demonstrated by the pandemic, businesses with well-developed production automation and technology-enabled manufacturing and supply-chain logistics were able to not only survive in 2020, but also outperformed their competitors. Enterprises that continue to lag in adapting will find it increasingly difficult to catch up in the current environment. For businesses that are looking to grow organically, it is crucial to invest in digital transformation.

Industrial Automation stock performance measured by 7MA’s sector index has demonstrated momentum surpassing that of the broader market since July 2021. Since the end of October, the overall market and the Industrial Automation index have risen sharply amid vaccination news, recovery efforts, and a positive outlook for the global economy. Industrial Automation stocks have continued to rise so far in 2021 and are hovering close to 40% higher than last August. Revenue multiples have stayed in between 6x – 7x since January and are currently around 6x. EBITDA multiples have been around 25x since January of this year.

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