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How Robotic Process Automation is Changing Business with Robert Wells

March 18, 2019

In this episode of Deal Talk with 7MA, our own Mark Landry, managing director of 7M’s consumer and retail practice, talks with Robert Wells, a managing director at CFGI about the robotic process automation and the solutions intelligent automation can provide companies. Robert describes robotic process automation as finding processes in companies that can be controlled and customized by a bot with low risk but high return on investment.

Robert discusses the driving factors of why companies are investing in RPA and how RPA can be deployed across an entire company and in many cases the efficiencies gained by automation allows money to be spent on more critical projects.

If you are interested in how business leaders are thinking and deploying robotic process automation this conversation is for you.


Robert on why many RPA fail:

“A lot of RPA projects that fail due to the fact that they run full-speed into building bots without doing any of the proper discovery that’s needed in the beginning.” (10:25)

Robert on how RPA is usually received by his customers:

“Then when the bot’s actually fully functioning, the look on their face of when a bot is doing what a human has done that takes 10 hours, and the bot does in five seconds, is quite incredible, so it’s quite fun.” (12:45)

Robert on the key elements on running a business properly today:

“Dashboards, reporting, analytics, those are the key elements to running a business properly.” (15:33)

Next Episode:

Look for our next episode on April 15th, where we dive into more exciting topics in the M&A world.

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