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SADA Systems: M&A and the Cloud Solutions Market

June 27, 2019

In this episode of Deal Talk with 7MA, associate Rory Julyan talks with Tony Safoian, the CEO of SADA Systems, and Jacob Youshia, Google Cloud account executive with SADA about the status of the cloud solutions market and how the future of SADA looks after the recent divestment of their Microsoft business.

Jacob discusses how companies like SADA are just scratching the surface of how companies can use cloud-based platforms to leverage and grow their business (4:48). Both Tony and Jacob discuss their role with Google Cloud platform and where that business is headed in the future (10:20).

Jacob also talks about the kinds of work SADA is doing in the map space and where he sees that line of business going in the future (22:07). Tony talk about the opportunities SADA is looking at after the recent divestment of its Microsoft business with the help of 7 Mile (34:31). Tony also speaks on how he has built the culture at SADA and why the company sold off its Microsoft business (40:46).

If you are interested in how business leaders are thinking and deploying cloud-based systems this conversation is for you.


Tony on the limitations of the cloud:

“Expand the imagination and the art of the possible, the only limiting thing is people’s imaginations in what’s possible in the cloud.” (20:48)

Jacob on how SADA approaches the deployment of cloud-based systems:

“We’re very disciplined and methodical in the ways that we engage, the steps that we take, laying down the proper foundation and architecture, understanding why we’re doing certain things instead of just jumping into doing those things.” (26:26)

Tony on how to create the right corporate culture in the cloud space:

“It’s hiring the right people, for sure. Culture matters. Attitude sometimes matters more than aptitude. Skills can be taught” (40:46).


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