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Private Equity and the Buy-and-Build Strategy with Matthew Picciano

October 31, 2019

In this episode of Deal Talk with 7MA, our own Rory Julyan talks with Matthew Picciano of Alpine Investors. Matt is a principal at Alpine, most recently leading their deal origination team where he finds new platform investments, as well as add-on acquisitions.

Matt begins by discussing his current role and what differentiates Alpine from other private equity firms. (1:18) Matt talks about Alpine’s focus on talent development and CEO-in-training programs. (3:13) Matt then tells listeners why the buy-and-build Matthew Picciano model has been popularized in the private equity space and why Alpine likes the model. (6:47) Matt comments on whether he thinks the buy-and-build strategy is being driven by real value or due to the pressure to deploy record levels of cash. (11:57) Matt then points to Evergreen Services as a great example of the buy-and-build strategy within Alpine and explains how the company approaches the strategy with growth in mind. (15:10)

Matt spends a few minutes addressing the importance of models focused on annual recurring revenue, both from cloud services and subscription software. (24:28) Matt then examines overall market trends that demonstrate how the market is valuing recurring revenue more and what that means for business owners. (27:45) The conversation wraps up with a deep-dive into the CEO-in-residence and training program. Matt explores this unique offering and how it can benefit founder-owned businesses looking to step away from day to day management. (31:11)

To find out more about Alpine Investors you can visit their website at

Also, to find out more about Evergreen Services you can visit


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